Some of the best investments of all time

Making a great and wise investment decisions really depends on numerous factors. We can say that it is important to be at the place and time and to have a business vision in mind and think that vision may pay great some day. Everybody wonders what most successful investors had in their mind when they made greatest investments of all time that paid greatly. We also wonder how they have managed to completely shine when it comes to the great return of their investment. There are many amazingly successful investment stories that really paid well and let’s get to know some of them.

The Greatest Investments

There are many great investment stories, and one of them is most certainly Apple Inc at IPO investment story. So without any doubt, AAPL has been one of the greatest places for investing your money since it offers most polarizing stock in especially when it comes to the last few decades. Apple Inc and Steve Jobs developed a great technological juggernaut which really quickly become ne of the most valuable companies. Apple Inc stock debuted on 12th of December in 1980 at a price of 28.75 American dollars per share. The stock today is around 1.980 percentage since that time when it first debuted. For instance, if you had bought Apple Inc stock at that time and later sold it6, you will have a great return of more than two thousand percent.
Another great investment is a gold industry in the 1970s. However we can stretch this all back to the 1800s, but here we will focus on realistic investments and that investment that is possible today. The precious metal gold was worth around thirty-six American dollars per ounce in 1971 just when Nixon was abandoning these precious metal standards. This god value would quickly skyrocket since the metal was really like haven that attracted a great number of investors. If we look at it from this perspective than from 1970 till present day, holding gold would mean that there is a return of amazing three thousand five hundred percent.

One of the greatest investment of all time is penny stock for CNQR. Anyone who was brave enough to invest here later gained some amazing return. CNQR or Concur Technologies provides expense management systems and travel for various companies worldwide. During the bursting of Bubble f the Internet, the CNQR stock crashed and fell to low 0.3125 American dollars per share in late 2010. In a few following years, it was working toward higher, and it also shrugged off the recession that was great in 2008. At this time CNQR stock skyrocketed to great 123.45 American dollars per share in 2014. This means if you invested here the amount of ten thousand dollars and sold it at the time of its peak, today you would be richer for more than three million American dollars, which means that return would be around 39.404 percent.

Berkshire Hathaway r BRK.A is another great investment that comes at the hands of Warren Buffett who own this company. His company made its debut on seventeenth of March in 1980 the stock value was two hundred ninety per share which was a great step for an IPO. He continued to work some magic over the following few years, and his company BRK.A currently trades in a range of 190.000 American dollars per share. Buying BRK. Shares would mean that there is a return of 65.400 percentage and amazingly 66,980 percentage on the stock since it was higher than ever. So those who invested here today are rich.

Another great investing decision includes selling out the Nasdaq since the tech and internet bubble hit technology stock greatly hard. An investment in farmland in late 1960 also brought some great profit to those who were brave enough to risk it here. This list wouldn’t be completed if we didn’t mention Bitcoin in 2011. Bitcoin really has taken the world by great storm I few years, and its value really skyrocketed to the surprise of a great number of sceptics. In other words, if you had invested in Bitcoin when the value was around 0.05 American dollars, today you will have an amazing return of 2.253.540 percentage after selling its shares at its peak of 1.126.82 American dollars.

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