Renewable energy is energy which can be used over and again without running out. Most renewable energy is natural hence it’s high time the world turns its concerns to it to avoid depletion of the fossil fuels .Example of renewable energy sources are: Wind, Solar, Geothermal etc.

Renewable energy production is increasingly becoming a way of investing as people are pulling out from fossils fuels. This is due to the scarce of fossil fuels and pollution in the environment. Topic of discussion across learning centers and research areas has been globally erupted due to this concern. Coming up of many companies with production of electricity price has led to falling of many fossil industries. During the past years, people have been stressed by fear of running out of fossil fuels which are the main source of energy in the world. This has wide widely led to great damage of the atmosphere. It has also made people all over the world to be interested in the investment of renewable sources of energy which don’t harm the environment compared to the fossil fuels. Renewable sources of energy vary from one place to another depending on climate and topography of the world. The world through various organizations has held many programmers across the world to dress the problem amicably just like the one held in Copenhagen in 2006 in Denmark to address the global depletion of the environment.


Example of the main renewable source of energy

Hydroelectric Power (HEP)-in this case, dams are built to control fast flowing water to turn the turbines to generate electricity. Water can then be pumped back to the reservoir when energy is not needed. Pros: always clean and abundant in presence of water bodies. Cons: restricted to places of water and dams can create environmental consern1

Tidal-in this case barrages are built across estuaries to produce tidal which generate electricity

Solar-The most natural source of energy which produce warmth and can heat water, solar cells can also be used to charge batteries and convert sunlight to electricity. Pros; unlimited supply and no pollution. Cons; relies on sunlight, more expensive and takes large geographical footprints to generate energy. Times the panels can cause glare

Biogas-one of the oldest sources of renewable energy its source comes from production of biogas and other wastes. Methane collected from tank is burned to produce energy. Pros: abundant and cleaner than fossils hence can be used with interruption .Cons: energy produced can be seasonable and also can lead to air pollution

Geothermal-water is consistently pumped through hot rocks underground and can generate electricity. Pros: don’t pollute environment. Cons: its expensive, depends on tides

Wind-wind turns the turbines in wind farms to generate electricity. Pros: no pollution and has limited maintenance. Cons: there is no energy flow when wind is not blowing, creates a lot of noise and require large land farms



Use of renewable energy should be encouraged globally in 2016 to conserve our environment and deal with the problem of scarcity of fossil fuels. Investment of renewable energy is very profitable and environmentally friendly.

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