Some of the best investments of all time

Making a great and wise investment decisions really depends on numerous factors. We can say that it is important to be at the place and time and to have a business vision in mind and think that vision may pay great some day. Everybody wonders what most successful investors had in their mind when they made greatest investments of all time that paid greatly. We also wonder how they have managed to completely shine when it comes to the great return of their investment. There are many amazingly successful investment stories that really paid well and let’s get to know some of them.

The Greatest Investments

There are many great investment stories, and one of them is most certainly Apple Inc at IPO investment story. So without any doubt, AAPL has been one of the greatest places for investing your money since it offers most polarizing stock in especially when it comes to the last few decades. Apple Inc and Steve Jobs developed a great technological juggernaut which really quickly become ne of the most valuable companies. Apple Inc stock debuted on 12th of December in 1980 at a price of 28.75 American dollars per share. The stock today is around 1.980 percentage since that time when it first debuted. For instance, if you had bought Apple Inc stock at that time and later sold it6, you will have a great return of more than two thousand percent.
Another great investment is a gold industry in the 1970s. However we can stretch this all back to the 1800s, but here we will focus on realistic investments and that investment that is possible today. The precious metal gold was worth around thirty-six American dollars per ounce in 1971 just when Nixon was abandoning these precious metal standards. This god value would quickly skyrocket since the metal was really like haven that attracted a great number of investors. If we look at it from this perspective than from 1970 till present day, holding gold would mean that there is a return of amazing three thousand five hundred percent.

One of the greatest investment of all time is penny stock for CNQR. Anyone who was brave enough to invest here later gained some amazing return. CNQR or Concur Technologies provides expense management systems and travel for various companies worldwide. During the bursting of Bubble f the Internet, the CNQR stock crashed and fell to low 0.3125 American dollars per share in late 2010. In a few following years, it was working toward higher, and it also shrugged off the recession that was great in 2008. At this time CNQR stock skyrocketed to great 123.45 American dollars per share in 2014. This means if you invested here the amount of ten thousand dollars and sold it at the time of its peak, today you would be richer for more than three million American dollars, which means that return would be around 39.404 percent.

Berkshire Hathaway r BRK.A is another great investment that comes at the hands of Warren Buffett who own this company. His company made its debut on seventeenth of March in 1980 the stock value was two hundred ninety per share which was a great step for an IPO. He continued to work some magic over the following few years, and his company BRK.A currently trades in a range of 190.000 American dollars per share. Buying BRK. Shares would mean that there is a return of 65.400 percentage and amazingly 66,980 percentage on the stock since it was higher than ever. So those who invested here today are rich.

Another great investing decision includes selling out the Nasdaq since the tech and internet bubble hit technology stock greatly hard. An investment in farmland in late 1960 also brought some great profit to those who were brave enough to risk it here. This list wouldn’t be completed if we didn’t mention Bitcoin in 2011. Bitcoin really has taken the world by great storm I few years, and its value really skyrocketed to the surprise of a great number of sceptics. In other words, if you had invested in Bitcoin when the value was around 0.05 American dollars, today you will have an amazing return of 2.253.540 percentage after selling its shares at its peak of 1.126.82 American dollars.

Investing or gambling: which is better?

This question is one of the most common questions among people that are involved in both gambling and investing world. There is a great number of individuals that consider investing and gambling really similar things, which in fact isn’t true and there are some crucial differences between these two terms that you should know. Another important thing that you should ask yourself when it comes to the investing your money in a stock market, are you gambling or investing., Investing will be when you make smart decisions that are based on previous research, you may also contact your financial adviser to help you with the decision. So if you do it this day and you previously do some profound research before you invest your money, that you are most likely to gain a profit and you are not gambling your money. If you are impulsively investing your money, without any previous research that in fact, you are not investing, and you are gambling.

Investing and Gambling Definitions

In order to answer a question what is better gambling or investing, we first have to understand both meanings. So investing by commonly accepted definition is any act of committing capital or money to some endeavor when there is a certain expectation of obtaining some additional profit or income. So this investment definition, in fact, tells us what is the main difference between gambling and investing. If we look from this perspective, the greatest difference between these two terms is the lack of previous research when it comes to the gambling. However many people still think that playing games at a casino and investing your money in a stock market is almost a same thing. These people I fact do little or no research at all so when they invest in a stock market, they are most likely to lose. We said that research is on one of the crucial steps towards a significant investment, so if there is no any research you will most likely fail.

Other difference between investing and gambling your money is that gambling, in fact, involves completely random chance. So investing requires research, but to be clear this research doesn’t have to necessarily be an utterly profound and it most certainly doesn’t need a Ph.D. so don’t get intimated at the very beginning. In fact, investment research in most cases can be greatly done in short amount of time, so you don’t have to worry that you will spend that great amount of time just on research.

Investing in a Company

When you are investing, you, in fact, own that share that you purchased, and in a long-term, there is a great potential for doubling your money. On the other hand when you walk into a casino and place bets on roulette table or poker, you are really giving away your money, so in fact, you don’t win anything at that point. Further, if you are lucky you can get some profit, but odd are mostly against you since there is a casino advantage that is almost same in every casino. While you are gambling, odd are against you, and your potential future profit is based on chance. On the other hand when you invest your money in some company, for instance, you own that company’s shares, and your further research can make a great difference between failure and success.

If you are thinking of investing in a company, you should first look into recent company reports. Also pay attention to other company information like last annual reports balance sheet, income statements, cash flow statements and other relevant staff. You also can call that certain company and ask questions that are relevant to you. So before you invest make sure that you know these relevant things in order to make a wise investment decision. You also should look at some evaluation comparisons regarding a stock market to historical norms and industry peers. So unlike pulling the handle while playing a slot machine, when it comes to a stock market, just a little bit of research can significantly increase your odds of making a great profit. Therefore we can conclude that investing your money is way wiser than gambling. If you experience some difficulties at the beginning of your investing journey, don’t be discouraged since a stock market is significantly fluctuating, and you will most likely see positive results in a long-term. There is no investor who is constantly doing great at a stock market, and there is no person that is born market timer. Everyone who is involved in a stock market does great research, and the y further attempt to pay some fair valuations that are based on their own assumptions. We suggest you focus on a company that you are thinking about investing and ignore the market. Do your research right, and you can expect the best.

How to recognize a Forex scam?

forex scamsOne of the worst things a trader can experience is to come upon a Forex scam. Some beginners in the field, yet, think that a Forex scam is actually a trader, who`s playing and acting in non-allowed approaches and methods, but as a matter of fact the Forex scam is a bad, with low reputation and poor reliability rating broker that is nothing else, but a very untrustworthy website, where, probably, they will steal your money away or your personal data. Indeed, a Forex broker that is a scam, can be very dangerous to both – beginners and advanced traders. But advanced traders are more experienced to recognize and avoid them. We have asked few advanced traders as to the best ways to recognize a broker scam and see what tips they have given to us and to you, the Forex beginners:

Don`t sign in a broker immediately – ever!

An advanced trader advice you never to make a registration on a Forex broker`s website right after you come across it or see an ad in the web for it. Better, make your homework in advance to protect yourself at a full value. You need to read the reviews for the broker and then, to check out if there are real feedback and opinions – in other internet resources and websites – made by real traders, who have been already there. Trading community is quite big and there are many traders, who communication and discuss such topics in Facebook groups, forums and etc.

A Forex scam usually is not regulated

First of all, a Forex scam is almost never officially licensed. This means that the company behind it does not have a legal permission to be financial services provider. On the other side, a scam is not regulated at all, because if it was, it could not be a danger for your money or your personal data. Regulation is something that is provided by official agencies – every country has one or several of these financial regulating agencies. And regulation is always composed of a detailed protective program and security measures packs.

In most cases, the website of the broker speaks of itself

There are signs you can see and find on your own on the page you are considering to join to make trades that can tell you that you are dealing with a scam for sure. Usually, an officially licensed and legal broker that deserves your attention has sections for education, as well as categories like Forex news and different trading tips and options to choose. Meanwhile, scams do not have such things and they rely on the big bonuses they provide to intrigue the trading audience and to get as many consumers as possible.
Recognizing a scam among all of the different and various Forex brokers is a skill you need to acquire from your very beginning in the field. Otherwise, you will be always exposed on a big risk and the good outcome of your activity you expect will never come.



Renewable energy is energy which can be used over and again without running out. Most renewable energy is natural hence it’s high time the world turns its concerns to it to avoid depletion of the fossil fuels .Example of renewable energy sources are: Wind, Solar, Geothermal etc.

Renewable energy production is increasingly becoming a way of investing as people are pulling out from fossils fuels. This is due to the scarce of fossil fuels and pollution in the environment. Topic of discussion across learning centers and research areas has been globally erupted due to this concern. Coming up of many companies with production of electricity price has led to falling of many fossil industries. During the past years, people have been stressed by fear of running out of fossil fuels which are the main source of energy in the world. This has wide widely led to great damage of the atmosphere. It has also made people all over the world to be interested in the investment of renewable sources of energy which don’t harm the environment compared to the fossil fuels. Renewable sources of energy vary from one place to another depending on climate and topography of the world. The world through various organizations has held many programmers across the world to dress the problem amicably just like the one held in Copenhagen in 2006 in Denmark to address the global depletion of the environment.


Example of the main renewable source of energy

Hydroelectric Power (HEP)-in this case, dams are built to control fast flowing water to turn the turbines to generate electricity. Water can then be pumped back to the reservoir when energy is not needed. Pros: always clean and abundant in presence of water bodies. Cons: restricted to places of water and dams can create environmental consern1

Tidal-in this case barrages are built across estuaries to produce tidal which generate electricity

Solar-The most natural source of energy which produce warmth and can heat water, solar cells can also be used to charge batteries and convert sunlight to electricity. Pros; unlimited supply and no pollution. Cons; relies on sunlight, more expensive and takes large geographical footprints to generate energy. Times the panels can cause glare

Biogas-one of the oldest sources of renewable energy its source comes from production of biogas and other wastes. Methane collected from tank is burned to produce energy. Pros: abundant and cleaner than fossils hence can be used with interruption .Cons: energy produced can be seasonable and also can lead to air pollution

Geothermal-water is consistently pumped through hot rocks underground and can generate electricity. Pros: don’t pollute environment. Cons: its expensive, depends on tides

Wind-wind turns the turbines in wind farms to generate electricity. Pros: no pollution and has limited maintenance. Cons: there is no energy flow when wind is not blowing, creates a lot of noise and require large land farms


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3 Most Timeless Investment Principles You Should Apply


Investing is a very important because it leads to wealth creation. A person who does not invest no matter how much money he/she earns is bound to become bankrupt. This is why you should always learn to invest. There are exceptional people in the history of this world who achieved a lot by investing. They even formulated principles that continue to guide millions of people about investing. Those who have applied them have become incredibly rich. A perfect example is Warren Buffet.We are going to provide you with 3 most timeless investment principles by the world’s greatest investor and investment mentor Benjamin Graham. These excellent principles will guarantee you success. Take a look at them here.

1. Always Invest With A Margin of Safety

This is where you buy a security at a good discount in relation to its inherent value. Such kind of security gives the buyer high return opportunities. It also helps to reduce the risk of investing. Benjamin Graham applied this principle by buying an asset that was worth 1 US dollar at only 50 cents.

As an investor, you should learn to apply this first principle because value investment generates considerable amount of profits at a very low cost. This mainly applies in the stock market where prices go up thus enabling you to get huge profits. In addition, the principle will provide you with protection just in case things do not work in your favor or the way you had planned.

It is believed that the idea of buying assets at a cost which is lower than their actual value is the main reason behind the success of Benjamin Graham in the field of investing.

2. Expect Volatility And Profit From It

According to Benjamin Graham, investing in stocks is equals to dealing with situation of volatility. He says that a great investor does not shy away from investing when the market condition is not favourable. Instead, he looks at the downstreams as an opportunity to maximize on and invest wisely.

As an investor, you shouldn’t be dictated by the situation. Instead, you need to come up with your own estimates on the value of your business. But this should be after having examined facts with rationality. In addition, you are only advised to buy if the price that is being offered is sensible. Then sell your asset when the price shoots high. You can take advantage of volatility by getting good bargains in the market or selling your assets when they are overvalued.

3. Know What Kind of Investor You Are

According to Graham, every investor should know who he/she is. He classified investors as either active or passive. An active investor is supposed to invest a lot of time and energy for him to be successful. He should be willing to do research for the best returns .On the other hand, a passive investor gets returns but uses little time and does less work. If you are a passive (defensive) investor, you are advised to invest in stocks and bonds. You will be able to benefit from areas that perform well.

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What is the Difference Between Gambling and Investing?


There are a number of people who look at investing as gambling. This is a distorted perception that hinders a number of individuals from the financial returns of sensible investment. Prudent investment is normally profitable in the long-run.

Furthermore, gambling and investing have apparent similarities but there is still a principle difference between them. On one hand, investing is putting money to use through the purchase of something that brings returns such as income or interest. Gambling on the other hand is about playing at a game of chance for a reward. It risks money or valuables and mainly relies on luck.


The reality of gambling and investing are completely different. In casino gambling, for instance, the casino has the upper hand over the gambler. In the end, the player is expected to lose. However, the chances of winning vary from one casino to another but they all purpose to achieve one thing: not to lose. The player is therefore at a disadvantage when playing casino games since the percentage rate of winning is very low.

Similarly, in bets on horse racing and sports betting, the likelihoods are weighted against the one who bets. Staking on horses amounts to a bet against other bettors since the chance of winning relies on the amount of money staked on each horse.

What happens is that the race track gets a share from the bets on winning horses. Subsequently the money is divided among those who bet on horses. However, the bettor normally wins about one-third of the time.

In the same way, sport betting requires the bettor to put an additional sum over and above the bet amount. The house retains this whether the bettor wins or loses. In addition, the number of points a bettor has to gain in any game, be it football, baseball, hockey or basketball, decreases his chances of winning. This means that even if the bettor’s team wins but does not exceed the points given by the bettor, he loses on that game.

In short, gambling is meant to be a loss for the player who is placed at a drawback from the start. The possibility of winning is therefore small and random.


Unlike in gambling, you own something when you invest. In investing, you can own shares of a company or other securities. When the company makes profit and pays-out dividends, you also benefit from it. In addition, if the price of stocks you own rise, you can sell then at a gain.

There is however the risk of losing too since the stock market swings up and down. Mostly, the market has been rising over the years resulting in profits.

Moreover, investing in highly-rated corporates and government bonds has been profitable in the long run. This kind of invest is also linked with minimal risk. Besides, investing in select real estates, especially residential housing has proved worthwhile.
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Do You Really Benefit From Gambling?


Gambling is mostly perceived in bad like and is linked to tragic scenarios such as lack of self-control and poor judgement. It is far from being evil and has existed for centuries. In old time, the randomness of gambling was seen as fortune or an influence from the gods.

Gambling is generally a chance and borrows from everyday life where luck results in different talents and circumstances, and one’s intelligence can alter his luck. Gambling therefore coaches the mind to handle risk.

Individuals can gamble in dice games, board games, Lotto and chess. Gambling ranges from games that solely rely on luck to those that require intellect. Still, both of them challenge one’s ruling. They test the self-control to only invest what you are willing lose. The rule is that, you should know when to walk away, stop playing or when to count loses. Similarly, these are skills that can prove useful even in other cunning ventures.

If you really want to benefit from gambling, you have to restrain from going all-in with your money. Take due measure when gambling online, on a game, or in the casino. This is also the kind of advice that applies to those who deal in the stock market.

One way to gamble is to bet on horses, and this resembles the risks that venture capitalist assume when investing. This kind of gambling entrusts success to the quality of the bloodstock in each race. Overall, gambling teaches the mind to take real-life risks.

Gambling also honours chance and skill, and it is erroneous to rely on fortune alone. It is entertaining and can take away the stress of the day but at a price. It however gives you a chance to get your money back. It is therefore rewarding to invest in gambling.

It gives you an opening to win money which can be generous at times. The fun and possibilities of winning makes gambling irresistible. In addition, your personality affects how you gamble while self-discipline protects you from the dangers of gambling. You are free to indulge in it as long as you do not regard it as a career. There is nothing wrong with gambling when you do it moderately.

Gambling is beneficial when you use it right and brings returns just like any other investment. You at times win and other times lose.

Gambling has economic benefits like being a source of tax revenues that fund public services. It provides jobs for a significant number of people. However, gambling becomes a problem when you overindulge without self-restraint. In that case, you incur debts that impair you from properly supporting your family or yourself.

There are also about 20 percent of gamblers who are addicted to it and cannot stop without intervention. Furthermore, there are those who become destructive when exposed to gambling. They break relationships, families and employment. They also become deceptive, ruin their lives or even commit suicide.

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